Want to form your own Spur Impact Chapter?

We are focused on spurring impact primarily in Delaware and the Delaware Valley. Most of our events take place in New Castle County, Delaware, and we are working to expand our reach and impact by supporting groups that engage with those young professionals in Kent County and Sussex County, Delaware. Events like the Millennial Summit and Charity Challenge competitions have proven that our collaborative model works and has great potential for expansion beyond are current target market. 

We are exploring ways to expand Spur Impact. Particularly if you are a young professional looking to spur impact in your community but don't know where to start or are a young professional group struggling to recruit and retain active members, we may be able to help, potentially by starting your own local Spur Impact chapter. Similarly, if your organization is focused on young professional leadership and development and looking to increase its impact or membership, we are interested in talking with you about collaborating.  Contact us and let's see how we can spur impact together.